Feb 11

Great news for customers interested in using Oracle on Azure.

IDG News Service – Oracle’s database, WebLogic application server and Java programming language will soon be generally available on Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud service, marking a major milestone in the high-profile partnership the vendors announced last June.

A general availability date of March 12 has been set for Windows-based software images of the products, which have been in preview, Microsoft said on the Azure website.

While there have been no additional fees for the preview versions, this will change starting March 12. Customers who want to avoid Oracle-related charges for these "license included" virtual images must shut them down before that date, Microsoft said. Windows Server VMs the images run in are charged for separately.

Purely pay-as-you-go customers won’t see much discounting for higher usage of Oracle’s software on Azure.

Oracle software on Microsoft Azure gets a general availability date – Computerworld

Apr 20

This is awesome news for all our customers. Windows Azure IaaS is not GA. Great article by Scott providing details and there is a link to Bill Hilf’s article below with some great customer case studies. 

This morning we announced the general availability release of our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) support for Windows Azure – including our new Virtual Machine and Virtual Network capabilities.  This release is now live in production, backed by an enterprise SLA, supported by Microsoft Support, and is ready to use for production apps.  If you don’t already have a Windows Azure account, you can sign-up for a free trial and start using it today.

In addition to supporting all of the features and capabilities included during the preview, today’s IaaS release also includes some great new enhancements:

  • New VM Image Templates (including SQL Server, BizTalk Server, and SharePoint images)
  • New VM Sizes (including Larger Memory Machines)
  • New VM Prices (we’ve reduced prices 21%-33% for IaaS and PaaS VMs)

Below are more details on today’s release and some of the new enhancements.  You can also read Bill Hilf’s blog post to learn about some of the customers who are already using the IaaS capabilities in production.

Windows Azure: General Availability of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – ScottGu’s Blog

Jul 25

Great news!!! ISVs in 12 new countries can now sell their apps & data on Windows Azure Marketplace. Smile

We are excited to announce the latest update to Windows Azure Marketplace, which brings some exciting new features, and commercial availability to 12 new countries. Now ISVs in 38 countries can benefit from the Windows Azure Marketplace.

New Features

  • Integration of a self-publish app catalog in the Seller Dashboard,
  • Availability of the Bing API exclusively through the Marketplace,
  • Expanded offers through the introduction of Sample Data, and
  • Integration of PowerPivot.

New Countries

Currently, the Windows Azure Marketplace serves approximately 50,000 users and more than 70,000 subscriptions.

The new release expands commercial availability to the following countries: Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Greece, Israel, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Peru, Romania, South Korea, and Trinidad and Tobago.

Windows Azure Marketplace Update: New Features, Availability in 12 New Countries – Windows Azure – Site Home – MSDN Blogs

Jun 12

Azure SQL Reporting goes live. Finally we have started taking our core assets into the cloud.

Summary: Microsoft’s reporting services for Azure is finally generally available.

Microsoft’s announcement of its Windows Azure spring update included a lot of moving parts. One that didn’t get as much attention as it deserved was the the general availability of reporting services for the Azure cloud.

Windows Azure SQL Reporting is the new name of the reporting services component (which was formerly known as SQL Azure Reporting Services).

With the new service, developers can use the Business Intelligence Development Studio and SQL Server Data Tools to author reports, the same way they can with SQL Server Reporting Services on Windows Server. Users can export reports to file formats including Excel, Word, HTML, PDF, XML, and CSV, according to a June 12 post on the Microsoft BI blog.

Until August 1, the new reporting service is available for free; after that, it will be .88 per hour per reporting instance.”SQL Reporting on Azure offers a fully backed SLA (Service Level Agreement) and enables you to publish reports to the cloud or embed reports directly within on-premises applications that can be accessed via your browser, mobile devices or desktops,” the blog post noted.

Microsoft announced plans for SQL Azure Reporting Services in the fall of 2010. The service has been available to testers since then, but didn’t reach the general availability milestone until last week.

SQL Reporting for Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud goes live | ZDNet

Jan 24

Great use of Azure platform for voting… Smile

Democracy Live is playing an important role in the presidential primaries in Florida, Virginia and California by making it easier for American military personnel stationed overseas and other citizens living abroad to vote in U.S. elections.

Since voting began, more than 1,200 Florida voters in 40 countries have accessed ballots using LiveBallot, a technology developed by Issaquah-based Democracy Live and hosted on Microsoft’s Windows Azure platform.

With Microsoft backing, Democracy Live brings ballot box to G.I.s overseas

Dec 14


Good overview of SQL Azure Federation by Cihan Biyikoglu . Smile