Dec 24

This is story of Archway bakery in Ashland, Ohio. The bakery was closed in October abruptly and 300 employees were let go. Lance Inc of South Carolina bought the bakery in auction and reopened the bakery. I was really moved by this story. 🙂 I think it is amazing what Lance has done. 🙂

Nov 30

Another good article By Arik Hesseldahl . I saw a touch screen PC by HP at best buy it was impressive but I already own 2 PCs and 2 Laptops. Could not convince my wife to get one more. 🙂 But touch screen laptop sounds really interesting. 🙂

Apple watchers assumed Jobs & Co. would be the first to offer a multitouch laptop, but Hewlett-Packard has beaten them to the punch

From the first time Steve Jobs demonstrated "the pinch"—the two-finger gesture used to zoom in and out of photos and Web pages on the iPhone—some Apple observers assumed it was just a matter of time before a multitouch-enabled screen showed up on the Mac.

That hasn’t happened yet. But as of Nov. 19, Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) has beaten Apple (AAPL) to the punch, announcing the first multitouch-enabled notebook PC, the tx2. I can’t help but wonder whether Apple just lost an important race.

Hewlett-Packard Out-Touches Apple – BusinessWeek

Aug 30

Hope my tomorrow is better than today. Hope that my children will have better life than me. Hope that I can enjoy this planet everyday of my life. Hope there is peace around me. Hope I can achieve everything I want to based on my hard work.

Decision in this election is only one, "Do you want to look in future or do you want to be bogged down by past". Yes McCain is the past, he still looks at world from filter of cold war. You need good judgement and temperament to be leader of this world.

You have to hear this speech even if you are a republican…

Mar 09

One of my close friends recently decided to leave Microsoft and start his own company. He has been with Microsoft for a long time and the change from MS to a starting a new organization will be a big one. When I started thinking about this change I started thinking about my own journey through various organizations. Every organization has an character, a heart and a soul. What do I mean? Let me take you through my journey through these organizations and explain…

Baan(1997-2000): A Successful ERP company trying to accept globalization and experimenting with distributed development across NL, US and India. In 1997 that was tough thing to do with infrastructure limitations and also cultural limitations. There was still frictions between different teams on ownership of work. This instability was not just in development but also in management originally the company was run from NL then it was taken over by management in US. Management styles are very different between NL and US. It was a great learning experience to see how a successful company was struggling to cope up with time.

Nortel(2001): Again a successful company trying to survive in economic downturn. There was chaos everywhere. The goal seemed to be survival to fight another day. It was tough with major layoffs going on in every division. Moral was low and people spend more time in worrying rather than working.

e-Emphasys(2001-2005): An entrepreneurial venture trying to define itself. Are we Consulting company or a Product company? Should we focus on long term strategy or short term gains? How do we refuse lucrative consulting projects today and just focus on product development for long term benefit? It is amazing how this conflict impacted every decision we made. Basically we just could not decide what we were. Some employees loved consulting and working closely with customers other did not like traveling as consultants and were happy doing product development but for a startup you do not have choice you make your call based on daily needs. The key learning was define your strategy and follow it. You cannot do everything successfully and grow.

SAMSys/Sirit(2005-2006): Another small entrepreneurial venture in RFID space struggling to raise capital and survive to see brighter days. We all could see the hockey stick but the rapid growth in industry was just not happening. Finally we just ran out of money and Sirit took us over. The key lesson was raise capital when you can and not when you need it most.

Microsoft(2006-2008): Amazingly successful company trying to maintain alignment across all its products. Think about it when a new release of Visual studio is planned you have to make sure it is compatible with the latest under development release of SQL, Share Point and Office. When new version of BizTalk is built it is also dependent on SQL, Share Point and Office and Visual studio designer. Did I miss the Windows releases. How do you keep all this in sync. It is a complex problem to solve and I think the company does pretty well to maintain this alignment.

Alignment is really crucial for overall success but I personally think it takes too much time and effort and affects time that can be spent on innovation. I am sure someone higher up in the organization thinks about it. 🙂

So this brief info about companies I have worked for. What about your companies? What was/is your company like? What does its character look like? Do share with me… Until then enjoy…

Aug 22

Management is all about connecting with the people on your team. So how do you effectively manage a team? You can read more about this at Following is a link to the original article (read more).

digg story

May 23

6 W’s can help you define your organization…

  • Who are we? – Vision and Value structure
  • Where are we going? – Strategic intend
  • How will we get there? – Tactical action plan
  • When will it happen? Time Line
  • Why are we doing it? – Legitimizes
  • What’s my role? – Personalizes the activities
May 23

To be a great leader …

  • Get good people
  • Create positive work environment
  • Give tools to do work
  • Have courage to let your employees fail
  • Celebrate successes of your employees


May 23

Step 1: Write assumptions used to make decisions

Step 2: Identify Killer assumptions

-> Perform what if analysis.

Step 3: Find a blockage strategy for competitors

-> Based on Killer assumptions

May 22

Following are few lessons we can learn from Unsuccessful Leaders:

  • Ignored to a notable flaw
  • Untested areas emerge
  • Fail at relationship/transition
  • Over reliance on particular skills
  • Lazy learners
  • Narrow leadership perspective
May 20

Following are few key lessons learnt from successful leaders.

  • Seek & receive more feedback
  • Manage a high variety of “On the job” Challenges
  • Experience a zigzag career
  • Many firsts and occasional failures
  • Learn new skills and ways of thinking