May 26

Economic value estimation is a framework to determine pricing for products and services. EVE framework helps to gain maximum price for your products and hence not leave money on the table. According to the framework the total economic value of your product is equal to the sum of competitive reference value(competitors price) plus positive differentiation value minus the negative differentiation value.

Three Steps for Economic Value Estimation

  1. Understand Customer Economics: this step centers on the discovery process used to understand customer business models and to establish the main value drivers and develop hypotheses about which drivers are most important for product offering.
  2. Quantify Value Drivers: this step centers quantifying the financial worth of the hypothesized value drivers in order to test the hypotheses and provide a key input to the EVE®

Estimate Differential Value: this step centers on developing the algorithms for calculating quantifying value and combining customer economics, competitive reference, and differential performance data to develop quantified value estimate

The Strategy and Tactics of Pricing

Sudhir Hasbe
Vice President of Software Engineering & Product at zulily
Accomplished product management leader with over 20 years of experience building industry-leading products at startup and blue-chip companies. Proven record of leading product teams to deliver business results through customer insights and innovation.

What I do?
1. Be customer advocate
2. Build highly effective teams
3. Lead and motivate teams to drive business & personal goals
4. Passionate about technology (learn, learn, learn)
5. Enjoy public speaking

Few Accomplishments
1. Built a high performing team that transformed zulily to be a data driven company through state of art big data platform in cloud
2. Led program management team to deliver Xbox One catalog and discovery (search, browse, recommendations, social discovery etc.) services across all domains
3. Delivered data acquisition and real-time services to power Xbox One TV initiative
4. Launched Windows Azure Marketplace business with new business model, rich partner eco-system with 40+ leading content providers and integration with various Microsoft products like Excel and SQL Server
5. Drove product management for Azure Storage, SQL Azure & BizTalk Server(B2B) .
6. Bootstrapped BizTalk RFID business at Microsoft with strong partner eco-system
7. Designed interfaces for Sirit Infinity 510 global RFID reader
8. Led a global team across US, India and Japan to design and deliver Enterprise Process Manager industry leading peer-to-peer integration product & e-Data Collect a handheld data collection solution for enterprise customers
9. Developed key components of integration framework for Baan ERP used by most Baan customer in the world
10. Participated in GS1 working groups to define EPC global(GS1) RFID interface standards

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