Jul 03

Great article to read around Cloud computing. I believe Cloud computing will be huge for next few years. Every application will start moving towards cloud. It has already taken of with offering from Google and Amazon. It just makes sense to let big companies take care of all the infrastructure.

But there are challenges too and the article by Stacey Higginbotham just highlights these challenges. The 10 reason provided in article that will hold cloud computing back for enterprise customers are.

  1. It’s not secure.
  2. It can’t be logged
  3. It’s not platform agnostic
  4. Reliability is still an issue.
  5. Portability isn’t seamless
  6. It’s not environmentally sustainable.
  7. Cloud computing still has to exist on physical servers.
  8. The need for speed still reigns at some firms.
  9. Large companies already have an internal cloud
  10. Bureaucracy will cause the transition to take longer than building replacement housing in New Orleans.

I may not agree with all of the above but there is merit to challenging the cloud. 🙂

Read More at: 10 Reasons Enterprises Aren’t Ready to Trust the Cloud – GigaOM

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