Don’t. Waste. Time.

Awesome articles on what should startups invest and not invest in. Smile  HumbledMBA has really great blog…


Stuff we startups do that doesn’t delight users:

Office space
Launch parties
Health insurance plans
Salary negotiations
Founder equity splits
Series F stock
Office Food
Team-building activities
CRM systems
Head count
Working in SOMA
Convertible debt caps
Karma scores
Business Cards
Bug Trackers
Agile Processes
Advisory Boards
Cap Tables

Of course, much of this stuff still needs to get done.  At some point.  And some of it really is important to the process that eventually creates delight for users.  But none of it directly delights users.  They’re all inputs.  None of it is product.  When you build a great product, one that delights users and achieves product-market fit, you’ll have lots of time to work on all these things and optimize them to your heart’s content.  When your product is not even built yet, none of this stuff matters.  But your startup, in the pre-product phase, is basically a ticking time bomb.  The only thing that can prevent it from exploding is user delight.  User delight attracts funding, enhances morale, builds determination, earns revenue…Until you get to user delight, you’re always at risk of running out of money or, much more likely, losing a key engineer to something more interesting.  Time is your most precious resource.

Don’t. Waste. Time.

Don’t. Waste. Time. – humbledMBA

Sudhir Hasbe
Director Software Engineering, Data Services, BI and Big Data Analytics at zulily
Accomplished product management leader with over 16 years of experience building industry-leading products at startup and blue-chip companies. Proven record of leading product teams across engineering and marketing to deliver business results through customer insights and innovation.

• Led program management team to deliver Xbox One catalog and discovery(search, browse, recommendations, social discovery etc.) services across all domains
• Delivered data acquisition and real-time services to power Xbox One TV initiative
• Launched Windows Azure Marketplace business with new business model, rich partner eco-system with 40+ leading content providers and integration with various Microsoft products like Excel and SQL Server
• Drove SQL Azure and Windows Azure Storage workloads with specific focus on ISV eco-system
• Delivered roadmap for moving BizTalk Server(B2B) workloads to cloud under BizTalk Services
• Led BizTalk product management to successfully deliver on revenue commitments by focusing on industry specific customer scenarios and partnering with Microsoft Industry teams.
• Bootstrapped BizTalk RFID business at Microsoft with new SKU structure, building strong partner eco-system to deliver industry specific solutions based on customer insights and delivering lighthouse wins in each industry
• Delivered key enhancements to Visual Studio Team Foundation Server targeted at enterprise customers as part of 2008 release
• Designed interface layer for Sirit Infinity 510 global RFID reader and delivered integrations with middleware solutions
• Led a global team across US, India and Japan to design and deliver Enterprise Process Manager industry leading peer-to-peer integration product & e-Data Collect a handheld data collection solution for enterprise customers
• Developed key components of integration framework for Baan ERP used by most Baan customer in the world
• Participated in GS1 working groups to define EPC global(GS1) RFID interface standards

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