May 30

It is great to see Amazon app go live on XBox 360.. Already installed it and looks great

If you’ve bought or are currently renting movies or TV shows from Amazon Instant Video, you’ll now be able to watch them via an Xbox 360 console.

It’s part of the new Amazon Instant Video app that and Microsoft introduced today for Xbox Live Gold subscribers. The app also offers access to Prime Instant Video, if you’re an Amazon Prime member.

The Xbox 360 joins other devices, including the Roku box and Sony’s PlayStation console, that can stream Amazon Instant Video.

"Working with marks a significant milestone in our mission to make the entertainment you love more amazing on Xbox," Ross Honey, general manager of Microsoft’s Xbox LIVE Entertainment and Advertising, said in a news release.

It’s all part of Microsoft’s move to make its Xbox not just a gaming console but also the hub of all living room entertainment, as well as a gateway for entertainment on everything from PCs to tablets to phones.

With the launch of Windows 8, which many speculate will happen in October, "we’ll bring Xbox entertainment to everyone," Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft’s chief marketing officer for its Interactive Entertainment Division, wrote in an official blog post previewing the Xbox team’s appearance at the E3 conference next week. "With Xbox on Windows 8 devices, we rapidly accelerate the reach of Xbox entertainment from more than 60 million people to hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

Since the Xbox 360’s launch in 2005, about 67 million consoles have been sold, according to Mehdi. It currently holds 47 percent of the console market.

In the past six months, Microsoft has increased its entertainment library to include more than 200,000 movies and TV shows and Xbox Live subscribers now spend an average of 84 hours per month on the console, compared with the 150 hours per month of TV the average American watches, Mehdi wrote.

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