Nov 20

The major difference between industrial and post industrial world is the form of labor. In industrial world labor was more physical in nature whereas in post industrial world it is more mental in nature. Another major difference is in industrial world focus was to provide solutions to consumers with high volumes, low variety and high quality at low cost where as in post industrial world the focus is on providing customized solutions for every consumer with high automation, high speed and flexibility.

Following is comparison of industrial vs Post industrial organizations


Post Industrial

Physical Capital dependent; asset and labor intensive

Intellectual Capital dependent, fewer smarter people

Physical Tangible product based

Intangible, high value added services/soln based

Employs many

Employs fewer

Balance sheet focus

Income statement focus

Low net income per person

High net income per person

Scale constraints

Easily scalable

Low Market value per person(MVP)

High MVP

Low internal shareholders

High internal shareholders


To succeed in post industrial world everyone needs to find his niche; everyone has to ask what can he provide that no one else can? Any job that can be codified will be converted into software programs, any job that is repetitive will be automated so if you have something creative to offer you will do well else you will have tough time even to survive. So find what you have to add that others don’t.

Good read: World is flat by Thomas Friedman.

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