Nov 16

This week I was in Germany of tech-ed Europe 2009. I reached Berlin on 9th Morning and headed straight to Messe, Berlin location of the event. It was fun to travel through Berlin city. I love train networks in Europe. 🙂

I could not sleep much on Sunday night due to jet lag. Monday morning I delivered a session on Integration and Interop along with couple of my colleagues. After the event we headed to enjoy the celebrations at Berlin city center on 20th anniversary of fall of Berlin wall. Was awesome event. Got back at midnight.

Had to deliver another session on BizTalk Server 2009 on Tuesday early morning hence worked on my deck and demo most of the night. Again could not sleep much. Tuesday was really hectic with my session from 9-10:15 and couple of press briefings on SQL Server later in the afternoon.

Wednesday, I had to visit a customer in Karlsruhe which is 2 hours from Frankfurt or 1 hour from Stuttgart. I took morning 6am flight to Frankfurt, met with Richard(SSP for App Plat in Germany) and headed to customers office. Had a great 3-4 hour meeting on integrations especially how they could leverage BizTalk Server. Had beer with Richard at Stuttgart airport and got back to Berlin at 10pm.

By Thursday I was completely exhausted. 🙁 Again could not sleep much at night got some emails done and spoke to my wife at 5:00am. Then I crashed and when I got up it was 2:00am and cleaning crew was banging my door. 🙂 Got up headed to do booth duty at the show. Went out for dinner with all the colleagues to a great Italian Restaurant. 🙂

I did not sleep whole night on Thursday and headed back to US on Friday. 🙂 Now time to pack-up and go to LA for PDC. We are announcing BizTalk Server roadmap next week at PDC. Stay tuned.

Some Pictures:

IMG_5151 IMG_5154


 IMG_0204 IMG_0208

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