Dec 23

Worldwide Director of CRM, ERP and Supply Chain Solutions at Microsoft Colin Masson wrote a great article on Sensor Enabling Supply Chains with RFID 2.0. It is a great read and also highlights great work and thought leadership by S3 Edge. Colin writes…

In launching our blog, I introduced 10 Megatrends I saw shaping future supply chain investments. One of those was “Sensor Enabling Supply Chains”, and while I wasn’t just referring to RFID, I want to draw everyone’s attention to our recent introduction of Mobile support for BizTalk RFID, and some innovative work demonstrating this capability at the Gartner AADI Conference earlier this week. What was particularly exciting about this demonstration by the Microsoft BizTalk RFID team and S3Edge, was how on-premise RFID captured on premise, was made available in the ‘Cloud’ for multi-enterprise visibility, analysis and collaboration. I posed a few questions to Anush Kumar of S3Edge about what they are describing as RFID 2.0, and the role they see the Microsoft Cloud (Windows Azure) playing in “Real Time Visibility Solutions”:

Supply Chain : Sensor Enabling Supply Chains with RFID 2.0

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