Dec 16

Our first BizTalk RFID mobile case study went live recently. Following is snapshot and link to detailed case study.

With 10 stores in India and plans for dozens more, RiteCare Pharmacy (India) wanted to make its warehouse operations more efficient before launching its next growth phase. As part of that process, RiteCare wanted to reduce the time required to fulfill store orders, increase order accuracy, reduce warehouse space requirements, and make it easier for workers to locate products. To address those needs, the company chose the S3Edge RTVS™ solution suite for Warehouse Visibility that includes Microsoft® BizTalk® RFID Mobile and Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006 R2. This solution optimizes the placement, retrieval, and flow of products throughout the warehouse and provides real-time visibility of all warehouse operations. As a result, RiteCare cut its order fulfillment time in half, reduced inventory by 60 percent, and increased the accuracy of fulfilling store orders to 97 percent.

Microsoft Case Studies: RiteCare Pharmacy

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