Jan 23

Author : Paulo Coelho
Recommended to me by: Nisha

This is my favorite book. This is one book everyone should read. Do I say that for every book? 🙂 But no this is one book really everyone should read. This is not about current affairs or some novel or anything. It is about life. It is about achieving ur dreams.

Book talks about a journey of a young guy achieving his dreams. What he learns on his way. Author talks about omen’s. God gives you hints at every stage of your life it is you who has to pick them up and proceed in your life. It tell you about

Truths and omens come and go like grains of sand and desert winds in this Celestine Prophecy-like tale of our alchemical kinship with one another in mind and spirit. It teaches us about our inherited strengths, which many of us sadly fail to realize as we go through life.

It is a very simple and good read. You will be able to read it in just few days. I will recommend this to everyone of u. So do read and tell me if you liked it…


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