Sep 18

TFS can be deployed in single server or dual server deployment. Dual server is when your application tier and data tier are on 2 different physical machines. Single server deployment is when everything is on same machine.

My last 3 posts covered recovery in various scenarios of dual server deployment. Let’s take a look at single server deployment now. What happens if the machine hosting TFS in single server configuration dies? Following are steps you can follow to recover in that situation. All this information is only round TFS and does not include SQL Reporting services and SharePoint, if you need details on everything you should access online MSDN documents.

  1. Reinstall TFS on single server machine. You can use the install guide to do this. At end of this step you should have a running TFS single server configuration.
  2. Install any service packs or patches you had installed on the crashed machine
  3. Now recover the databases from your backup
  4. If your machine name remained same you should be ready to go.
  5. If you changed your machine name you need to rum TFSAdminUtil with RenameDT and ActivateAT options

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