Sep 18

Team Foundation Server can be deployed in dual server environment with Application Tier and Data Tier on 2 different servers. In my last post I wrote about recovering from a DT crash. Now let’s look at how we can recover from crash of AT machine.

In case of AT crash, the easiest way to recover is to reinstall TFS 2008. The best part about our TFS 2008 Setup is you can reinstall TFS with existing databases without any problems.

  • What does that mean?

    Basically you can run the TFS installer and point it to use existing databases. We check the version of databases and if it is VS 2008 (Beta 1, Beta 2 or later) or VS 2005(RTM or SP1) our setup will use the databases and install the AT and if required will upgrade the database to correct version.

Steps to perform:

  1. Install Pre-requisites as defined in Install Guide
  2. Run TFS Install and provide existing database server as input.

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