Sep 10

We have put in lot of efforts in Orcas. There were many features we thought we would not be able to achieve but we finally squeezed them in. One such feature which customers have been asking for is flexibility with how we use SQL Reporting Services. Many customers want to move SQL Reporting services to other machines that TFS AT or use existing Reporting infrastructure. We have added lot of flexibility in how you use Reporting Services. First of all we were not able to get all the changes required into the UI so you will have to fall back to the MSIProperty.ini file. Sorry about that.


  1. Open MSIProperty.ini from InstallMedia\AT
  2. Change following properties to set Reporting information
  • VSTF_RS_SERVER=[ComputerName]
  • VSTF_RS_REPORTS_URI=http://<reportserver>/<somepath or reports>
  • VSTF_RS_REPORTSERVER_URI= http://<reportserver>/<somepath or reportserver>
  1. Run setup and install TFS

Scenario we have tested:

  1. Running Reporting Services on DT machine. This was not supported in Whidbey and now this is something we have made sure it works.
  2. Running Reporting services on machine anywhere on the network.
  3. Running Reporting services and WSS on remote machine


To configure reporting on remote box we make WMI calls that require us to have remote admin rights on the machine. I hope this is not a big problem to our customers. I know in large enterprises all ports and access rights are secured and this maybe an issue. I hope customers can work around this problem.

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