Nov 25

Author: A Contemporary Business Parable by Carol, Ph.D. Dunitz, Helen Gotlib (Illustrator)

“Louder than thunder” is about a very successful CEO who is going to retire. She calls her 3 vice presidents and asks them a question “What is louder than thunder, as highly charged as lightning, and more powerful than the fierce North Wind?”, whoever comes up with best answer to this question will succeed her.

The book begins some childhood stories of the CEO and lessons she learned from them like:
§ Know what you really want.
§ Listen and observe.
§ Think before you speak.
§ When there’s a prolonged pause in an offer, the person speaking first generally loses.
§ Speech is silver; silence is golden.

The three VP’s have varied backgrounds like manufacturing, sales and HR. They try to answer the question based on their own areas of expertise and talking to their own people.

This book is very useful for general managers as it talks about effective organizational and interpersonal communication. Book stresses on importance of listening in any form of communication.

Note: The book is just 100 pages and you can read it in less than an hour. Once I picked it I had to finish it. It was so good.

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