Feb 04

Monochronic People

Polychronic People

Do one thing at a time

Do many things at once

Concentrate on the job

Can be easily distracted and manage interruptions well

Take time commitments seriously

Consider an objective to be achieved, if possible

Are low context and need information

Are high context and already have information

Are committed to the job

Are committed to people and human relationships

Adhere religiously to plans

Change plans often and easily

Are concerned about not disturbing others; follow rules of privacy and consideration

Are more concerned with those who are closely related than privacy

Show great respect for private property; seldom borrow or lend

Borrow and lend things often and easily

Emphasize promptness

Base promptness on the relationship

Are accustomed to short term relationships

Have strong tendency to build lifetime relationships

I read an article which had the above table characterizing Americans as Monochonic people and French as Polychronic.

Source: Adapted from Edward T. Hall, “Understanding cultural Differences: Germans, French, and Americans” (Yarmouth, ME: International Press, 1990).

Sudhir Hasbe
Vice President of Software Engineering at zulily
Accomplished product management leader with over 18 years of experience building industry-leading products at startup and blue-chip companies. Proven record of leading product teams across engineering and marketing to deliver business results through customer insights and innovation.

• Led program management team to deliver Xbox One catalog and discovery(search, browse, recommendations, social discovery etc.) services across all domains
• Delivered data acquisition and real-time services to power Xbox One TV initiative
• Launched Windows Azure Marketplace business with new business model, rich partner eco-system with 40+ leading content providers and integration with various Microsoft products like Excel and SQL Server
• Drove product management for Azure Storage, SQL Azure & BizTalk Server(B2B) .
• Bootstrapped BizTalk RFID business at Microsoft
• Designed interfaces for Sirit Infinity 510 global RFID reader
• Led a global team across US, India and Japan to design and deliver Enterprise Process Manager industry leading peer-to-peer integration product & e-Data Collect a handheld data collection solution for enterprise customers
• Developed key components of integration framework for Baan ERP used by most Baan customer in the world
• Participated in GS1 working groups to define EPC global(GS1) RFID interface standards

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