Feb 18

I have worked around 4+ years in implementation consulting every time I had to meet a customer first time; I was not sure what information to gather before the first meeting. I acquired my information from customer’s website. I normally knew everything about their products and locations etc. Here is an exhaustive list I got from my professor of consulting who has worked for more than 20years in strategy consulting. This is more relevant to strategy consulting but a great list for everyone.

  • Industry
    • Legislation
    • Profitability/drivers and trends
    • Cross Industry Issues
    • Key Terms
    • Effects of wider issues
      • Demographic shifts
  • Key Competitor comparison
    • Profitability
    • Growth
    • Geographic Reach
    • Product Range
    • Terms of Competition
  • Company
    • Industry Rank
    • Profitability /Trends
    • Recent Events(Acquisitions, Product Changes, Organization Changes, ETC)
    • Vision and Aspirations
    • Chairman’s Priorities
    • Terminology particular to the company
  • The Executive
    • Work History
    • Education/Family/Hobbies
    • Business Priorities
    • Current Responsibilities
    • Organization chart if available
  • Implications
    • What does the client want
    • How do the researched issues affect that request
    • What are the executives “Hot Buttons”
  • Style Points
    • Diversity of sources(Internet, Industry publications, News papers, Company Documents)
    • Graphics of Exhibits synthesizing information
    • Article outlining(Highlighting)

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