Mar 09

“Satisfied customers are not enough as they can switch to competitors on first opportunity, We need customers who are raving fans”


Following are key takeaways… Three steps to creating Raving fans are

  1. Decide what you want
  2. Define a vision
    1. Discover what customers want
    2. Know what to ignore when they tell you what they want
    3. Know when to tell customers to take their needs to someone else
    4. Identify limits of your vision
    5. Your vision and customer’s vision should merge/fit.
    6. Listen to customers
      1. Customer’s say one thing and mean another. Listen to hidden meaning.
      2. No feedback is bad
      3. “Fine” is not good enough
  3. Deliver vision plus 1 percent
    1. Consistency is key
    2. Focus on few thing and do them well every time
    3. Don’t drive expectation down, drive delivery up
    4. Exceed the expectations consistently
    5. Systems are key to consistency
    6. Systems are not rules. Rules create robots.
    7. Systems are pre determined way of achieving results
    8. Emphasis has to be on achieving results not following the system. 

Other key take away are:

  • Track customers needs,
  • Increase speed of delivery of service,
  • Provide customers tools to help themselves,
  • Provide suggestions to customers to help do their tasks better and quicker
  • Differentiate yourself from others
  • Be flexible and focus on results.

It is an interesting book. The way author narrates the story is a bit weird. It is a quick read. I was able to read it in couple of hours.

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