Jan 04

Entertainment industry is finally changing and existing players are adopting new modes of content delivery. It is high time for these companies to adopt it or else Netflix and Amazon will eat there lunch. Smile 

Article on GeekWire on CBS, NBG live streaming NFL playoffs for free and Fox will make it tough but will live stream Super Bowl.

It’s also 2014, and that means you’ll be able to watch some of the postseason action for free online thanks to NBC and CBS. But Fox is making things more complicated, which could be bad news for some Seahawks fans.

Variety reports that for the first time, CBS will stream its four AFC playoff games — San Diego at Cincinnati on Saturday; two AFC Divisional playoff games next weekend; the AFC Championship game on Jan. 19 — for free at CBSSports.com.

Similar to last year, NBC will also live stream its playoff coverage for free here. That means anyone with Internet can watch Saturday’s wild card games — Kansas City at Indianapolis; New Orleans at Philadelphia — online as well

CBS, NBC live streaming NFL playoffs for free, but Fox makes things tougher for Seahawks fans – GeekWire