Jun 25

American Apparel is one of our customers using BizTalk RFID. Xterprise (www.xterprise.com),  Microsoft RFID partner of the year 2008, Microsoft Gold certified partner  and leading software vendor in recent ABI research has provided their Retail Clarity software for this deployment. Please take a look at an awesome video created by Avery Dennison.

May 19

Nice Article. 

Our conversations with industry players confirms our most recent survey work, which suggests improving pipelines, but difficulty converting into revenue. Even tried-and-true hardware, such as traditional bar code equipment, is experiencing meaningful delays as companies look to defer capital spending. We see most emphasis on software and services in the near-term to improve existing automated data capture equipment. We are aware of more innovative selling practices that seek to incorporate new solutions into operating budgets instead of capital budgets, which require a high approval threshold. This seems to illustrate why we are seeing leasing options becoming increasingly prevalent.

RFID Industry Business Conditions – May 2009 | RFID Monthly

Apr 02


Date: Apr. 14, 2009
Time: 2:00 to 3:00 PM EDT
Your company can create near-term customer value and strategic long-term differentiation by connecting your warehouse and factory-floor activities using easy-to-deploy RFID solutions.
Ingo Heel, Director of Operational Excellence Solutions,
Microsoft Industry Solutions
Anush Kumar, CTO and VP Business Development, S3Edge, Inc.
Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal
Companies can obtain significant and immediate cost reductions by linking activities from your warehouse and factory-floor operations to a controlling enterprise application in real time. Recent technology developments allow this linkage to be accomplished with minimal modification to existing enterprise applications, and with little disruption to current process workflows. These technologies include the availability of high-performance fixed RFID interrogators, Windows-based mobile RFID readers (handheld and forklift), and solution providers such as S3Edge, with packaged software applications that connect all of the parts.
With a three-tiered approach incorporating on-demand, on-premise and on-device components, packaged real-time visibility systems from S3Edge connect enterprise applications to physical-world events, thereby providing a quantum leap in inventory and process visibility for your business and customers. The result is a substantial reduction in the number of errors, and in the associated operations and labor costs required to recover from such mistakes. Moreover, putting in place the proper enterprise architecture for real-time applications enables the transformation of internal processes and operations in the long run.
Key Takeaways:
An understanding of the sources of most common errors—information contained in an enterprise application does not correspond to the physical-world reality.
• The measurable cost of those errors, both quantitative and qualitative.
• A deeper understanding of how S3Edge’s real-time visibility systems reduce or eliminate mistakes by walking through detailed customer examples.
Special Webcast Offer for Participants:
3Edge is a leading provider of real-time visibility systems for warehouse and factory-floor automation applications. The company, together with Microsoft and its mobile RFID device partners, will provide a no-cost evaluation of your warehouse and factory-floor operation to estimate the cost and expected return of deploying a real-time visibility system.

Jan 17

We are hosting a RFID conference in UK. Please read below for abstract and register.

Welcome to the Microsoft RFID Conference! We are excited to host you at this first annual congregation comprised of partners, customers, and Microsoft industry leaders to be held on February 25th, 2009 at the Microsoft Campus in Reading on the most comprehensive, integrated real-time enterprise solutions platform in the industry today – BizTalk RFID. The conference is expected to draw approximately 100+ senior industry executives, and will provide attendees with a detailed, in-depth look into:

  • Real-time software solutions for enterprise deployments, across verticals
  • Business value driven by RFID solutions with focus on performance, ROI and costs reduction
  • Cross Industry-Priority solution efforts at Microsoft that will utilize RFID and sensor data to deliver efficiencies for a People-Ready business across the value chain
  • Microsoft’s platform vision, deliverables, and roadmap for RFID and Sensor based solutions

UK RFID Conference 2009

Jan 15

Retail experience center is an amazing retail store environment created by Microsoft. I was involved in this initiative from early phases. We are showcasing multiple RFID enabled process inside the store. Starting from back store receiving location where items get tagged, store inventory is tracked and finally RFID enabled POS system helps expedite check out process. There are multiple other RFId processes and we will be adding lot more scenarios. Following is more info from Microsoft official press pass.

Located at Microsoft Corp.’s headquarters in Redmond, Wash., the Microsoft Retail Experience Center is a private, 20,000-square-foot facility housing a fully functioning, interactive store environment, from point of service to receiving dock.

Located at Microsoft Corp.’s headquarters in Redmond, Wash., the Microsoft Retail Experience Center is a private, 20,000-square-foot facility housing a fully functioning, interactive store environment, from point of service to receiving dock.
The Retail Experience Center features in-store displays of Microsoft consumer products and showcases powerful ways to help cut costs, create efficiencies, streamline operations, and promote and sell goods − within the aisles, in the employee break room, at receiving and shipping, at checkout, across the Web, and even at home or on the go.

PhotoSynth created by Tim Gruver


Retail Experience Center Videos

Retail Experience Center Launch Video

Jan 07

Dave Friedlos from RFID Journal has written a great article on Sure Reach.Sure Reach has deployed RFID enabled records management systems based on BizTalk RFID. HP is the global partners who has made this happen. 🙂

Sure-Reach has attached EPC Gen 2 tags to 1.1 million documents, making the Malaysian firm more efficient and better able to locate and inventory its clients’ records.

A Malaysian records-management company is employing radio frequency identification to track more than 1 million paper documents and 500,000 cartons.
Sure-Reach, which stores its clients’ records, is using ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) EPC Gen 2 tags at its warehouse in Shah Alam, near Kuala Lumpur, to track the documents throughout the facility, and to improve the process of taking inventory.

Tagged documents and boxes are identified as they enter or leave Sure-Reach’s warehouse in Shah Alam.

RFID Journal – – RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Technology News & Features

Dec 23

Worldwide Director of CRM, ERP and Supply Chain Solutions at Microsoft Colin Masson wrote a great article on Sensor Enabling Supply Chains with RFID 2.0. It is a great read and also highlights great work and thought leadership by S3 Edge. Colin writes…

In launching our blog, I introduced 10 Megatrends I saw shaping future supply chain investments. One of those was “Sensor Enabling Supply Chains”, and while I wasn’t just referring to RFID, I want to draw everyone’s attention to our recent introduction of Mobile support for BizTalk RFID, and some innovative work demonstrating this capability at the Gartner AADI Conference earlier this week. What was particularly exciting about this demonstration by the Microsoft BizTalk RFID team and S3Edge, was how on-premise RFID captured on premise, was made available in the ‘Cloud’ for multi-enterprise visibility, analysis and collaboration. I posed a few questions to Anush Kumar of S3Edge about what they are describing as RFID 2.0, and the role they see the Microsoft Cloud (Windows Azure) playing in “Real Time Visibility Solutions”:

Supply Chain : Sensor Enabling Supply Chains with RFID 2.0

Dec 16

Our first BizTalk RFID mobile case study went live recently. Following is snapshot and link to detailed case study.

With 10 stores in India and plans for dozens more, RiteCare Pharmacy (India) wanted to make its warehouse operations more efficient before launching its next growth phase. As part of that process, RiteCare wanted to reduce the time required to fulfill store orders, increase order accuracy, reduce warehouse space requirements, and make it easier for workers to locate products. To address those needs, the company chose the S3Edge RTVS™ solution suite for Warehouse Visibility that includes Microsoft® BizTalk® RFID Mobile and Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006 R2. This solution optimizes the placement, retrieval, and flow of products throughout the warehouse and provides real-time visibility of all warehouse operations. As a result, RiteCare cut its order fulfillment time in half, reduced inventory by 60 percent, and increased the accuracy of fulfilling store orders to 97 percent.

Microsoft Case Studies: RiteCare Pharmacy

Dec 10

Mark Simms our Field Program Manager has been working closely with various hardware partners. He is has started providing guidance on how to build end to end solution with various hardware devices and BizTalk. It is detailed guidance and should help anyone to get started in no time. 🙂 Please provide Mark feedback on his detailed post

Hands on: Building an End to End Solution with Biztalk RFID and the Alien 9650 (Part 1)

Good luck.

Dec 08

BizTalk RFID Mobile provides a mobile RFID platform for Windows CE and Windows Mobile. You can read more about BizTalk RFID Mobile here. We now have following providers(drivers) available. We will update the post with more providers very soon.

Motorola: http://support.symbol.com/support/search.do?cmd=displayKC&docType=kc&externalId=11855&sliceId=&dialogID=1696991&stateId=0%200%201694634

Intermec: http://home.intermec.com/eprise/main/GSS/Service/Content/Downloads/Show_DownloadSearchResults?Product=RFIDIP30A

Cathexis: http://www.cathexis.com/about-cathexis/partners/biztalk-rfid.aspx

Unitech: http://w3.adc.unitech.com.tw/pub/cs/SDK/RFID/unitechProvider.zip

Hope these links are helpful. Leave us a note and tell us which other devices you need providers(drivers) for. We would like to get some feedback on devices you use. Thanks