May 18

Following are Tech Talk videos we recorded in this year at Tech-ED US

BizTalk Server

  1. Microsoft Business Integration Server
  2. How to leverage BizTalk Server as Enterprise Service Bus(ESB)?
  3. Integrating BizTalk RFID with the Enterprise

BizTalk RFID

  1. Biztalk RFID Enabled Warehouse Operations and Work-in-Process Tracking.
  2. Biztalk RFID Enabled MRO.

BizTalk HIS

  1. Unlock the Information Assets on the Mainframe through BizTalk Host Integration Server

May 07

I will be speaking at TechED 2009 in LA next week. Let meet if you are going to be attending. 🙂 Following are details of my session…

Title: Microsoft BizTalk Goes Mobile: Collecting Physical World Events from Mobile Devices

Abstract: Every day more high-performing companies connect their internal departments, their support networks, and their demand and supply chains. Reducing the cost and complexity of supply chain management, Microsoft and its large ecosystem of hardware and software partners are working to enable mass adoption of RFID, SOA, and B2B solutions by developing feature-rich, low cost end-to-end RFID solutions. These solutions empower people to gain productivity and business efficiencies. This session showcases real-world deployments and shows how BizTalk RFID can be used at edge of enterprise to capture physical world transactions and integrate these to existing enterprise applications using core EAI, B2B, and EDI capabilities of BizTalk Server.